Tempo #01

How to create marvellous painting without ever touching a brush

You can do it! Here;s how to pull it of in a few easy staps.

Cream coloured classic Jaguar exhibited in a Gothic ambiance

Cream coloured classic Jaguar exhibited in a Gothic ambiance

Step 1: The Classic Car

chevroletSelect a classic car from the internet. This might look a bit difficult, because it needs to be a PNG file with a transparent  background, but in fact it’s easy. There are dozens of breathtaking transparent files out there.. It might take some time to find the right file but it’s worth the trouble. Next, determine the total resolution of your artwork  For any artwork we would advise the highest possible resolution, but for the web, we would advise a minimum with of 1200 px for the total composition Be sure to be using the right search tools. Google Crome for instance can filter on file type as well as file size. We found some pretty exiting automobiles like that.

Step 2

chevrolet-02Duplicate your image to a image editing program that can handle layered objects, such as Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator or After Effects. For this demonstration we used Photoshop CC. Save your file as the source file you will be working in.

Step 3

Select some piece of Gothic architecture from the internet. Anything will do, as long as it’s a PNG file with a transparent background. This is the easy part, We found dozens of exiting files out there on the internet. Be sure to be using the right search tools as explained in step 1.

Stap 3

Select a tile floor that go’s along well with the rest of your artwork.  Just find some file that suiles you. JPG is ok

Stap 4


Stap 5


About the method of Object Oriented Design (OOD) 

This artwork technically is but an assemblage of individual graphical objects and therefor we like to refer to this technique as “object oriented design”.

About the method of Unconstrained Assemblage (UA)