Our Services: Graphic Design

LOVE4design Graphics: In search of the masterpiece

LOVE4design Services: Graphic design

LOVE4design Services: Graphic design

This gold-plated Atomium seems to be surrounding the missing puzzle piece that is abundantly used as  the site icon for the LOVE4design website. The problem with this image is that it seems impossible to separate the Atomium from the missing puzzle piece, although each has its own separate layer.

LOVE4design Graphics: Adds in remote places

Flat web version of a multi layered Photoshop original.

Flat web version of a multi layered Photoshop original.

Even in the most remote places billboards advertise the services of LOVE4design. This new advertising campaign might not really become a big commercial success, but at least it provides some shadow for the camels.

LOVE4design Graphics: Billboard advertising ERIXZ Change Design

LOVE4design Graphics: Add for ERIXZ Change design

LOVE4design Graphics: Add for ERIXZ Change design

This billboard advertises ERIXZ Change design. The logo that was used here is an enhanced version of the older ERIXZ logo. also known as the Erixzicon. The image  is created by Love4design, using a layered composition in Adobe Photoshop CS6. There’s an orange gradient background that seems to be cold enough to make little water drops condense on the screen. On top of the background, the main body of the logo is formed by ten rectangular objects,  or to be more precise, ten parallelograms. The top layer consists of shiny chrome looking letters, masked out of a spiraling black and white image underneath.. The billboard itself is a layered Photoshop document with several smart objects, that was downloaded from the internet, free of charge or royalties.

LOVE4design Graphics: Sahara desert billboard

LOVE4design Graphics: Sahara desert billboard

LOVE4design Graphics: Sahara desert billboard

This billboard could be placed anywhere. Today it is placed in a remote Sahara scenery, but it could have been the Himalaya deadzone for that matter. The images inside and outside the billboard seem to be repeating themselves. In the central front there’s a snake that might not even belong in this part of the world.

Notice that the billboard still shows the typical rainy day shadows, that were characteristic for the original scenery that it was taken out of…

Completing the puzzle

Gold-plated LOVE4design icon

For some time now we have been buzzy rearranging all the pieces of the puzzle: our mission, our services, our clients and our projects. What starts to take shape is a more coherent palette of services, , focused on our clients and based on our mission statement. Especially the introspection that was inevitable to formulate a mission statement was great fun… We have come to the conclusion that we seem to have a built-in urge to create, stylize, shape and design our world over and over again. So accomplishing this very urge became our mission. After all, why not be completely indulged in the excitement about art and design itself?


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