Artists’ Portfolio

The artist’s portfolio page is the stage where artists publish their work. This work is very individual and style and technique vary from artist to artist. Though most artists use very contemporary techniques, ranging from more or less photographic assemblage to so called“object oriented design”, others use only  old school methods by exclusively creating artwork without the use of any virtual intervention.

Artist Portfolio

Artist Portfolio

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Completing the puzzle

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For some time now we have been buzzy rearranging all the pieces of the puzzle: our mission, our services, our clients and our projects. What starts to take shape is a more coherent palette of services, , focused on our clients and based on our mission statement. Especially the introspection that was inevitable to formulate a mission statement was great fun… We have come to the conclusion that we seem to have a built-in urge to create, stylize, shape and design our world over and over again. So accomplishing this very urge became our mission. After all, why not be completely indulged in the excitement about art and design itself?

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