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We have designed three specific ongoing projects to further polish our design skills: ERIXZ Classics. These projects are highly experimental, sort of try out style projects, centred around classic cars, classic aircraft and classic yachts. focussed on the graphical design aspects involved, more specifically the composition of layered documents, such as Adobes Photoshop, Illustrator or After Effects documents.

1963 BENTLEY S3 CONTINENTAL, parked on a tropical beach with a Bengal tiger on top...

Waco biplane flying over New York City in IFR (instrument flight regulations ) weather conditions

Antigua Classic Yacht regatta 2015

Completing the puzzle

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For some time now we have been buzzy rearranging all the pieces of the puzzle: our mission, our services, our clients and our projects. What starts to take shape is a more coherent palette of services, , focused on our clients and based on our mission statement. Especially the introspection that was inevitable to formulate a mission statement was great fun… We have come to the conclusion that we seem to have a built-in urge to create, stylize, shape and design our world over and over again. So accomplishing this very urge became our mission. After all, why not be completely indulged in the excitement about art and design itself?


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